Titan Medical Center


Titan Medical Center is here to provide an enhanced quality of life in a personalized setting for all of our patients. We utilize the latest and cutting edge scientific studies and diagnostic laboratory testing to achieve optimal levels of health for each and every one of our patients. Our Patients health goals are our number one priority!
We provide first class patient care and specialize in BIO Identical Therapy Tampa for both Males and Females. For males we deal normally with Low Testosterone therapy (IE: Orally, Injectable, or topical gel/cream. Women hormone therapy can consist of progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone therapies. It all depends on what your blood results come back as that will determine what therapy, and what dosages the patient will receive. We also do medical weight loss programs that range from FDA Appetite suppressants, Prescribed Thermogenics, and B-12/MIC/ARGININE shot. For our Detox and Nutrient therapies we offer a prescribed total body and vital organ detox and cleanse (IE: Glutathione), AMINIO ACID injectables (70+% retention), and Prescribed Injectable Vitamins (IE: Vitamin D 50,000 I/U which only has to be injected once a week and HAS 70+% RETENTION) We also do LIBIDO enhancers for both men and women (IE: Viagra, Cialis, and prescribed sensitive cream). They are cheaper than people pay on there insurance most of the time.