WCFL 2 Results

WCFL 2 Results 1/19/13

The WCFL delivered 13 awesome fights on January 19th 2013 in Tampa, FL. The Hilton Doubletree proved yet again to be a fantastic venue for a night full of amazing amateur fighters going to WAR! Throughout the night, 26 fighters stepped into the cage to entertain family, friends, and fans; while also furthering their dreams of becoming world champion Mixed Martial Artists. The WCFL had 3 titles on the line.

David Mundell stepped in the cage to defend his WCFL Middleweight title, while the promotion’s Featherweight and Flyweight titles were up for grabs by whichever warrior wanted it more. The Featherweight title was captured by David Neymour, while the Flyweight title was captured by Gator MMA’s own Abby Velazquez! Overall, the WCFL put on a great night of fights for any MMA fan to enjoy. They are rapidly growing to be one of the top amateur promotions in the state of Florida. They will continue this growth over the next two months leading up to their 3rd even, which will also be held at the new Hilton Downtown Tampa Hotel in Tampa, FL.

Here is the full recap of WCFL 2:

David Mundell defeats Tony Murphy by guillotine @1:15 1rd defending his 185lb belt

In what was a highly anticipated rematch, the crowd was as hyped up as the fighters inside the cage. Tony Murphy is the only fighter to have defeated the 6-1 Mundell. The two men went right to work. The fight quickly went to the ground where Mundell gained control and finished the fight in quick fashion.


David Neymour defeats Ben Corso by unanimous decision wins 145lb belt

Neymour began the fight with good submission work, gaining many great positions on the ground. The 2nd round was somewhat of a stalemate, while both fighters worked for ground control. The 3rd round saw Neymour take over and solidify a Unanimous Decision victory to be crowned the WCFL Featherweight Champion.


Amar Short defeats Jafar Fortt by unanimous decision

This was among the best of the many great fights that took place at WCFL 2: Resolution. Amar Short controlled most of this fight, while Fortt had moments of greatness. It was Short who would prove to be the better fighter on this night. Both fighters put together great combos throughout the fight, but it was Short who showed more aggression and better ground work.


Abby Velazquez defeats Nate Vandam by split decision wins 125lb belt

Abby came out extremely focused, his determination was evident as he and Nate Vandam went to war. Abby came out swinging and Vandam took the fight to the ground to avoid the punches. Neither fighter did much work on the ground in the 1st. This continued in the 2nd round when Abby continued the great standup while Vandam would take the fight to the ground. The 3rd and final round would show Velazquez to be the more aggressive fighter and be crowned the WCFL Flyweight champion.


Dominick Tomanelli defeats Chris Harp by unanimous decision

These 2 heavyweight warriors stood and threw punches like there was no tomorrow. Harp landed bigger shots in the 1st, but the rest of the fight belonged to Tomanelli. It was Tomanelli’s vicious leg kicks throughout the fight that just may have won him the fight.


*Michael Bentley and Maurice Graham ruled no contest due to illegal blows to downed opponent   *Graham landed multiple blows to the head of Bentley while he was on the ground.


James Garza defeats David Crawford by armbar @1:44 1rd

Although Crawford landed a monster slam to begin the fight, Garza took control and ended this fight quickly with a beautiful armbar.


Luis Zequiera defeats Estevan Morrera by verbal submission do to strikes in the 2nd round

Estevan attempted to touch gloves to begin the fight, but Zequiera instead came in swinging. It initially caught Estevan off guard but he was able to recover and fight back. These guys brawled for a few minutes until Zequiera locked in an armbar, which was interrupted by the end of round 1. The 2nd round opened with a monster punch by Zequiera and ended shortly after when Estevan verbally submitted from punches.


Mark Gill defeats Paul Walters by split decision

Both men fought very well for 3 full rounds. This was an even fight as each guy showed equal amounts of groundwork and aggression. Gill displayed good submission attempts which may have won him the fight.


Dean Stupar and Moises Robles fight to a draw

Quite possibly the most evenly matched fight of the night. This fight was changed the night before at the weigh-ins causing neither fighter to have much prior knowledge of their opponent. This proved to be one of the most exciting fights of the night. Both guys worked aggressively and kept pressing forward. Stupar landed multiple huge takedowns but was somehow not awarded the victory.


Jesse Baker defeats Jeremy Christenson by unanimous decision

This was a debut for both fighters. You could not have told that by their performance. They each handled themselves well and put on a very active fight. Baker landed more shots and a few takedowns. Christenson landed some big shots to end the fight, but it was Baker who would be awarded the unanimous decision.


Ash Coburn defeats Blake Smith by unanimous decision

Coburn landed a nice kimura which led to a takedown. Smith was able to get out of it and land some big punches. It would prove to be Coburn’s continuously impressive groundwork that would get him the win.


Anthony Loprinzi defeats Curtis Vert by unanimous decision

Vert came out swinging, landing big punches. Loprinzi takes him down to avoid damage, which would set the tone of the fight. Loprinzi would win this fight most likely from continuous knees to the body. This was a great fight that kicked off a night full of great fights.

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