WCFL 3 Results

WCFL 3 Results 3/30/13

The roof got blown off of the Hilton in Downtown Tampa Saturday night! The WCFL put together an amazing night of fights and they were rewarded for it with a packed house. They put together 17 fights that rocked the Tampa Bay area. Four titles were on the line Saturday night and each of them was earned with blood, sweat, and all-out WAR! WCFL 3 was a night full of warriors going to battle. 34 warriors stepped into the cage and each of them left their heart and soul in that very cage. Schools from all over the state were represented by some of their top fighters. The average amateur MMA event usually has 10-12 fights, at best.

Amateur MMA is always susceptible to fights dropping off for a variety of reasons. Although there were originally 20 fights scheduled, they were able to make sure 17 of those fights went on without hesitation. It was nothing short of a phenomenal night of local MMA action. As the official amateur promotion of the XFC, they uphold a great reputation and continue to do so by putting on such amazing events.

Breaking Point was a historic night for the WCFL and for Florida MMA. As for the WCFL, they hosted their first ever WMMA fight as two young female fighters battled it out. Breaking Point also served as one of the first amateur events in Florida to feature the newly passed Ground and Pound rules. There were 5 fights that qualified for this new rule, as each fighter has to have 3 fights already on his record in order for a fight to qualify for Ground and Pound.

WCFL 4 will be on May 3rd at the Hilton Downtown Tampa Hotel. Until then here is the recap from an amazing night of fights:

Fight #17 Main Event: (170lb TITLE FIGHT): Amar Short 2-0 vs Ladarious Jackson 5-0: Jackson wins via unanimous decision: Jackson set the pace of the fight with his continuous takedowns. His wrestling abilities could not be overcome by Short. Jackson showed total control.

Fight #16 Co Main-Event Heavyweight fight: Mark Mendez 9-8 vs Dominick Tomanelli 3-0: Tomanelli wins via KO at 1:19 2nd round: Tomanelli was magnificent from beginning to end. He rained down vicious punches and kicks all throughout the 1st round. He moved Mendez all over the cage with his constant punishment. In the 2nd he got some ground and pound in until Mendez got back to his feet where Tomanelli would finish the fight.

Fight #15 (155lb TITLE FIGHT) : Cam Taylor 6-1 vs Michael D’Angelo 6-0: Taylor wins via split decision: This was a hard fought battle between two great young fighters. Both of these fighters surely have a long career ahead of them in MMA. With that said. D’Angelo controlled much of this fight. He landed numerous kicks and punches early, but Taylor ended the round with a big takedown. It was a somewhat even fight, though the judges may have given the decision to Taylor based on his takedowns. Taylor got 3 big takedowns, although while on the ground and standing up it was D’Angelo who showed better work. The judges did not see it that way and awarded Taylor the split decision.

Fight #14 (205lb TITLE.FIGHT) Joe Creer 2-1 vs Martin Vergara 4-1: Creer wins via split decision: This was quite possibly the FOTN. These two warriors simply banged it out for 3 straight rounds. Each guy landed nice combos throughout the fight, Vergara landing more than Creer. Vergara seemed to be the aggressor throughout what was an evenly matched fight. This was one of a few fights that went differently than fans and spectators thought it would. Nonetheless, this was an amazing fight and both fighters left it all in the cage.

Fight #13 (1st WCFL WMMA fight) (115lb): Ingrid Medrano 0-0 vs Jill Velenzuela: Velenzuela 2-1 wins via unanimous decision: Early on, Jill showed her experience by being the dominant fighter. As the fight went on though, it evened out and both fighters were doing work. Jill started the 2nd round with a beautiful Judo throw. Jill made good connections late whih may have been what she needed to secure the decision victory.

Fight #12: (180lb): David Mundell 6-1 vs Andrew Marsh 2-1: Mundell wins via Standing Guillotine at 1:33 1st round: Mundell is a local great. He has put together an amazing amateur career and is a few months away from making his pro debut. He wasted no time taking care of business against Marsh. Mundell ended it quickly with a marvelous standing Guillotine.

Fight #11 (155lb): Emmanuel Sierra 0-0 vs Jason Hodge 2-0: Hodge wins via armbar at 2:32 of the 3rd round: Hodge controlled this entire fight. He put together great standing strikes and worked wonderfully. When the fight went to the ground, Hodge just went to work there as well. Hodge locked in a beautiful Armbar and finished the fight late in the 3rd round.

Fight #10 (135lb) Anton Yalch 2-0 vs Christian Reed3-1: Yalch wins via Guillotine at 1:40 of the 3rd round: Yalch took the fight on less than a day’s notice. Reed was supposed to face Abby Velazquez (of Gator MMA) for the WCFL 125lb title but Velazquez injured his knee the week before the fight. So Yalch stepped in after numerous other opponents backed out and put on a great fight. Both fighters showed some great early submission work, but Yalch would end the fight in the 3rd with a Guillotine.

Fight #9 (155lb) Ian Gagnan 1-1 vs Luis Zequeira 2-0: Zequiera wins via rear naked choke at 1:43 of the 2nd round: Gagnan got an early knockdown and took advantage of it. He attempted to finish the fight with a Guillotine but was unsuccessful. After that the fight was all Zequeira. He put together great transitions and controlled the ground game. The 2nd round was all his as he would finish the fight with a Rear Naked Choke.

Fight #8 (135lb TITLE FIGHT) (Ground and Pound fight) Dean Stupar 2-1-1 vs Jordan Pruitt 4-3-1: Stupar wins via Guillotine at 1:29 of the 1st round: This fight ended quickly and decisively. Stupar went in, got the takedown, and finished the fight. Stupar’s submission work is phenomenal and has shown that time and time again.

Fight #7 (170lb): Juan Hernandez 1-0 vs Tyler Hooks 1-1: Hooks wins via Unanimous Decision: Hooks won the fight with good stand up work and a great ground game. His takedowns in the 3rd were the convincing factor that the judges needed to award Hooks the decision.

Fight #6 (130lb): Will Perez 0-0 vs Eddie Santana 1-0: Perez wins via unanimous decision: This was a close fight which may have been won by good work late in the fight by Perez. Both guys showed good ground work. Santana seemed to do more work throughout the fight, but the judges saw it differently.

Fight #5 (140lb): Curtis Vert 2-1 vs Michael Huerta 0-1 Huerta wins via TKO Doctor Stoppage 3:00 1st round: This was perhaps the most evenly matched fight at WCFL 3. These guys were very similar in their fight game and it showed in a great 1stround. Both guys were landing big shots, but Huerta landed the one that would unknowingly stop the fight. The 1st round ended with both guys going to their corner, but Vert was unable to continue due to a vicious cut to the side of his head.

Fight #4 (155lb): Ariel Echaveria 0-0 vs Matthew Coello 0-0: Echaveria wins via split decision: The fight started with both guys throwing bombs. They came out swinging and landed great exchanges. As the fight went on, Echaveria wanted to shoot and take the fight to the ground. Coello wanted to stay standing, thus resulting in the fight being a stalemate at times.

Fight #3: (165lb): Eric Davis 0-0 vs Blake Smith 0-1: Smith wins via Guillotine at :30 of the 3rd round: Smith was landing some good punches early and continued that aggression throughout the fight. In the 3rd he came out like a storm and finished the fight with a Guillotine only 30 seconds into the round.

Fight #2: (170lb) Jeremy Christenson 1-1 vs Adam Hamid 0-0: Hamid wins via unanimous decision: This fight was an early sign that this was going to be a great night of fights. Each time that Christenson has stepped in the cage, he has left his heart and soul there. Hamid did just the same. They brawled for 3 straight rounds and left all the fans in amazement. Hamid’s game plan looked like a highlight reel of action. This was just an overall great fight from two warriors.

Fight #1: (145lb) Xavier Esteva 0-0 vs Case Wagner 1-0 : Esteva wins via split decision: They made great exchanges early until Wagner took the fight to the ground and went to work. Wagner opened Esteva up with vicious strikes in the 2nd round. Wagner appeared to show a better all-around game plan, but Esteva got the decision victory.

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