WCFL 1 Results

WCFL 1 Results from 10/13/12

The World Class Fight League delivered in a big way with the inaugural event, Halloween Havoc. All 12 scheduled fights went on as planned and it was a night to remember. Duane Spires and Ralph Garcia combined to create the WCFL and made sure it was a top notch event. Even Joe Valdez and other members of the Real Fighting Championships were in attendance to view future prospects for the RFC. There were 2 titles on the line to kick off what is sure to be a top promotion in Florida. Here is the full recap from an exciting night of fights!

Fight #1

Mark Gill vs. Arnaldo Arriago: Both fighters showed great control at times. They battled back and forth on the ground. Arriagio landed some good combos in the 3rd round, but it was Gill who would get the win. Gill wins via Unanimous Decision.


Fight #2

Chance Boykin vs. Josh Cole: Boykin landed a big head kick and takedown early, this proved to be the 1st sign of what would be a good win for him. Cole held his own in the 1st round. Boykin would get the victory in the 2nd round. Boykin wins via TKO at 1:04 of 2nd round.


Fight #3

Raul Ramira vs. Andrew Gonistky: Ramira held the advantage at the weigh-ins, weighing in 20 pound heavier than Gonistky. That would be the only advantage he had. Gonistky came out like a hurricane and showed that he was more than ready to blast onto the MMA scene. Gonistky wins via TKO at 0:37 of the 1st round.


Fight #4

Jaime Murray vs. Buford Myers: Round 1 was mostly spent as a standing battle between these two fighters. Never really any control established by either fighter. Murray showed better ground work later in the fight, which is quite possible what earned him the win. Murray wins via Split Decision.


Fight #5

John Murray vs. Luis Zequeira: While the 1st round seemed evenly divided between the fighters, round 2 was something entirely different. Zequeira landed some monster punches and the fight came to an end very quickly as Murray’s face was split open. Zequeira wins via TKO Ref stoppage at 0:27 of the 2nd round.


Fight #6

Ladarious Jackson vs. Charlie Russo: The fight started with Jackson using the courtesy high five as an opportunity to try and shoot on Russo. Russo was quick to defend and nothing came of it. The fight proved to be a tough battle between the fighters. Jackson landed some big takedowns late and grinded out the win. Jackson wins via Unanimous Decision.


Fight #7

Nathan Hayes vs. Derrick McCoy: Hayes looked like the more aggressive fighter early, but seemed to lose that later in the fight. Although at times both fighters had great exchanges which proved to be a very exciting fight. At one point McCoy was calling for Hayes to attack. McCoy would take control of the fight and get a very nice win. McCoy wins via Unanimous Decision.


Fight #8

Ash Coburn vs. Jason Hodge: They went back and forth most of the fight. In the 3rd both fighters stood in and exchanged big punches. It was a brawl. Hodge wins via Split Decision.


Fight #9

Cam Taylor vs. Sean Marshall: Marshall displayed better ground work early, but it was the 3rd round that would supply the highlights of this fight. Taylor landed a monster punch that knocked Marshall down. The ref stood him up but it didn’t matter, Taylor quickly attacked and finished the fight by putting Marshall to sleep. Taylor wins via Triangle Choke at 1:30 of the 3rd round.


Fight #10

Amar Short vs. Charles MacFarland: MacFarland landed numerous front kicks to the body of Short. Both fighters showed moments of greatness, both standing and on the ground. Short was preparing to do a Rampage style slam as the bell rang in the 2nd round. Short landed a huge right hook in the 3rd, which might have been the difference in the fight. Short wins via Unanimous Decision.


Fight #11 for the WCFL Featherweight Title

Jeffrey Luke Dickerson vs. Marcos Briones: Dickerson landed a power slam in the 2nd round, but outside of that this was Briones’ fight. He showed control in every aspect of the fight. After trying different submissions, he found one that worked just a minute into the 3rdBriones wins via Rear Naked Choke at 1:04 of the 3rd round.

(Briones was offered a contract by the RFC to turn pro following the fight, he responded that he would have to consult his coach and team.)


Fight #12 for the WCFL Middleweight title

David Mundell vs. Pat Edwards: Mundell was the aggressor throughout most of this fight. He made it obvious that he wanted to fight on the ground by lying and waiting for Edwards to come to him. Edwards did not fall into this trap. Instead Mundell came back to his feet and made him tapout via a standing Guillotine. Mundell wins via Guillotine at 1:43 of the 3rd round.

(Mundell was also offered a contract by the RFC immediately following the fight. He was offered a 3 fight contract to turn pro and appeared to accept right there on the spot.)


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